SPAZIO Group is committed to uncompromising quality at attractive prices.

The company has a portfolio of brands representing the new optics industry, which understands that the customer wishes to have new sunglasses more than once a season, wishes to have more than 3 pairs of reading glasses, and that eyeglasses is not something that one replaces once in a 10 years.

Why choose us:

  1. Available stock of our branded products.
  2. A warehouse located in Italy, allowing fast shipping across Europe.
  3. Our frames are trendy and fashionable and renewed once a quarter.
  4. An option to make small orders.
  5. A website that provides real-time orders and answers regarding inventory.
  6. The optical frames and sunglasses are produced for the optics industry, which means that the lenses can be replaced with prescription lenses.
  7. The group’s brand prices allow small stores to stay competitive vis-a-vis larger chains.
  8. Experience of over 30 years in the optics industry.
  9. A portfolio of four brands, which includes sunglasses, optical frames and reading glasses, all under one roof.
  10. All our products are manufactured by factories supervised by us daily.
  11. Close service to our customer, including a telephone answering service.
  12. If you like the group’s products, and have the means, the team’s professionals will be happy to put together a PRIVATE LABEL collection for you.
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Subscription as a customer

Want to buy from us? Want to be our distributor? Please subscribe as a client and after a short verification process you will receive an email confirming that you are a store owner or a distributor, with a user-name and password.
We think about you, we do not wish that clients that are not retailers or distributors know the price of the product, and therefore only after your verification you’ll be able to review the product prices.


The BOTTEGA LANCETTI eyewear brand is a playground for SPAZIO Group’s designers, we regard this brand as a place to search and discover new worlds of unique and groundbreaking styles.
Our super chic and unique designs rely on a combination of modern Italian art and breaking design conventions, based on our belief that true art flourishes only where boundaries break.


The LAURA FERRE eyewear brand tells a design love story that represents Rome’s unique and ancient urbanity and Tuscany’s rustic design fragrances.
All of the LAURA FERRE eyewear frames are steeped in central Italy’s design tradition, elegance, classiness and astute simplicity are what lead LAURA FERRE to success.
If you wish to provide your customers with fashion at attractive prices without compromising on the quality of materials, this is the ideal brand for you.


Assembling a collection of interesting and fashionable reading glasses is no simple task.
Most reading glasses on the market aim to fulfill the need of correcting impaired vision, with no emphasis on design, quality and comfort.
COLORIZED’s vision is to create a fashionable, innovative and diverse collection in which everyone can find the style that best represents him/her.
There is no doubt that the balance between fashion, price and functionality is what makes COLORIZED the ultimate reading brand.

The fact that you reached the age of 40 and your eyes do not function as they used to, does not mean you have to feel old, but on the contrary, you now have a good enough reason to introduce one more fashion item into your lifestyle.


CHARLETT is the epitome of a modern life style brand.
The brand’s focused ambition is to provide a fashionable solution to a large target audience, with the belief that a large number of designs will allow every person to find the style best suit him/her and express his/her personal style.
We are Italian craftsmen and the brand grew out of a 30-year tradition of making glasses.
CHARLETT’s almost pretentious creed is to create glasses that will fit perfectly the person wearing them.
The brand emerged based on a deep understanding of the optics industry and the price revolution that has taken place in this industry over the past five years.
Unlike young fashion brands founded solely on the basis of the price revolution and the attempt to present up-to-date fashion, CHARLETT’s eyewear is made based on a principle thinking of comfort, quality and principles of matching the glasses to the end customer.
As ones who believe that fashion should be available to everyone, we chose to produce a brand at especially attractive prices, without compromising are tendency toward quality and going down to details.
CHARLETT’s sunglasses are equipped with high-quality POLORIZED & P.C. lenses that meet the stringent UV-A & UV-B radiation protection standards.
In addition, our sunglasses are designed for the optics industry, and thus they make the option of replacing the product lenses with prescription lenses definitely possible.

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